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Zeno Rizzo – MGR Casino Chairs

Castelfranco Veneto, Settembre 2022








It is with greatest sadness that we inform you of the passing of Zeno Rizzo, founder of MGR Casino Chairs. Zeno Rizzo succumbed to a heart attack in his sleep on Saturday 17 September. Beloved husband, adored father, loving grandfather and pioneer of the furniture industry, especially in the casino seating field.

An enlightened entrepreneur, always looking to the future and to new ideas, Zeno had left the company in his sons’ hands a few years ago, focusing on a more relaxed lifestyle and dedicating his time to his wife Maria and his 5 grandchildren. Yet he always kept himself informed about MGR’s planning and programmatic lines. Versatile, well recognized and appreciated by all, he taught his beloved children the art of innovation and of free thinking with compassion, sensitivity and wisdom. Thanks to his devotion to work, dynamism and respect towards clients, suppliers and competitors, Zeno was considered as leader and mentor for all the people within the company he founded in the late ‘90s. He was Always available to give advice to employees and to support his children during deals and the development of new ideas.

Through his 20-year-old experience in the field, Zeno and MGR contributed the reshaping of the casino seating industry. Through his products and vision he raises awareness around the importance of the chairs ergonomics in relation to the profits from slot machines and gaming tables. Together with his wife Maria and sons Guido, Giovanni, Giacomo and Giorgio, he grew the company into the global benchmark for the gaming industry, expanding the brand over the years in the United States through the new Las Vegas branch. The whole company gathers around his family, his wife, children, sisters-in-law, grandchildren and relatives all.

We want to remember you this way, Zeno, with a sentence found by chance while searching through your notes:

“Escaping banality, making beauty democratic, rejecting both bourgeois luxury and mass production in harmony with the aesthetics of
simplicity ”

Have a safe journey, Zeno

Author: Joseph Johnson